Paul George After Getting Just An 88 Overall Rating In NBA 2K21: "I’m Going To Predict I’m Around A 95. 2K22, I’ll Be Like A 96.”

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(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

It's been a tough couple of months for Los Angeles Clippers' star Paul George. It seems like no other player's reputation got a bigger hit since the restart of the season, as he couldn't back up the talk on the court and people just don't seem to think of him as a winner.

George struggled with his shot and with foul trouble in the bubble in Orlando. However, it was his 'Playoff P' narrative and his daring comments that put a target on his back for NBA fans.

Now, his downfall has even reached NBA 2K, as the game's developers gave him a rating of just 88, which seems incredibly low considering he was an MVP candidate just two seasons ago. That's why PG-13 vowed to take that rating way up next season, even predicting that he'll be near the top of the list:

“This is going to be an amazing training going into this next season. I’m going to predict I’m around a 95. 2K22, I’ll be like a 96," George said, as quoted by Top Ball Coverage.

88 is just too low for Paul George. We're talking about a two-way stud that can put up 25/7 on one end and play lockdown defense on the other any given night. Yeah, he was a no-show from time to time and had a couple of rough outings in the bubble, but the Clippers' meltdown isn't entirely on him.

George totally has the talent to take that rating way higher next season and hopefully, he'll do exactly that to salvage his reputation and finally earn that 'Playoff P' nickname.