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Ronnie2K Reveals There Will Only Be One 99 Overall In NBA 2K19


After the reveal of cover star LeBron James' NBA 2K19 rating earlier this week, many fans were fed up with the fact that King James didn't recieve a coveted 99 overall rating for the upcoming basketball simulator.

2K Sports actually gave James a 98 overall rating, one short of the prestigious 99 rating he’s been given only once in his career, with the Miami Heat. James' 2K rating has hovered around the 96-98 range for almost his entire career, only being rated lower than that his rookie (NBA 2K3) and sophomore (NBA 2K4) seasons.

After the season LeBron has just had with the Cleveland Cavaliers, carrying them to the Finals once again, and posting career-highs across the board in his 15th NBA campaign, many fans were surprised to see James was only rewarded with a 98 overall rating.

The rating even made national television, with Shannon Sharpe -- a devout LeBron James fan -- argued that James deserved a 99 on Fox Sports' Undisputed show.

But 2K community manager Ronnie2K has confirmed on Twitter that only one player in the entire game will be lucky enough to flaunt a 99 overall. 1996-97 Michael Jordan.

Obviously, with Michael Jordan being considered the GOAT by almost every NBA fan, it was never in doubt that Jordan's best season would garner a 99. But why can't the likes of LeBron, and perhaps Magic Johnson and Kareem-Abdul Jabbar also boast a 99 rating? Lord knows they all deserve it during one point or another in their career.