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Roonie 2K Gets Trolled After Asking NBA Fans To Help Him Find Andrew Bynum

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

NBA Twitter has been very active in recent days and not only talking about bubble matters. More things are going on right now, some happier than others, but nothing gets past this community. NBA 2K21 is releasing soon but they're still finishing details to put a good product.

Ronnie 2K, the public face of the company in charge of the video game, took to Twitter to ask fans for their help. He received anything but help there since fans took the chance to call him out, troll him and ask him to improve the product he's about to release.

They're putting a Kobe team in the game, the 2008/09 Lakers that won the title against the Orlando Magic of Dwight Howard. A piece is missing, though, and Ronnie asked fans to help him find Andrew Bynum, the starting center of that team.

The responses he got were anything but what he expected. Fans joked about Bynum and the game but never delivered the answer he wanted.

NBA fans are really savage. They don't miss anything and make sure to let people what they feel. Once again, Ronnie 2K was their victim.