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Stephen Curry Has The Maximum 3PTS Rating In NBA 2K20

Stephen Curry Has The Maximum 3PTS Rating In NBA 2K20

Stephen Curry is arguably the best shooter in the history of the NBA and that won't change for a long time. Moreover, just like he is the king in the NBA, he remains like that in the new edition of the NBA 2K franchise.

This is not a surprise, of course, but Chef has received a rating that no one else could match and it's hard to see anyone doing it in the future. The Golden State Warriors guard received a 99 rating in his 3-point shooting in NBA 2K20, which makes him the leader of all 3-point shooters in the latest installment of the video game.

As many fans expected, the Splash Brothers share the first two spots of the ranking, as Klay Thompson comes in at second with a rating of 97. Brooklyn Nets sharpshooter Joe Harris (94), New Orleans Pelicans guard JJ Redick (90) and Sacramento Kings rising star Buddy Hield (90) complete the top five. Steph was obviously the right option to take the top spot of this ranking. He's been a killer from beyond the arc, has been setting records and is less than 500 triples away from taking the first spot on the list for all time 3-pointers made. Just in case you don't like Curry for some reason or are unable to get the guy while playing with friends or online, you have more options to pick, as Curry is not alone in this ranking, which features the best of the best when it comes to sharpshooters.

The other four guys who accompany the Baby-Faced Assassin are also great at their job. Of course, Klay Thompson has been doing his thing alongside Curry, creating one of the best duos in the association. Harris was the guy who won the three-point contest last All-Star Game, beating Curry in the final. Reddick seems to be better as the years go by and still remains as one of the best killers in the league, while Hield is on his way to becoming one with his Kings.

Anyway, even if Curry has such a big rating, any of the five players listed above can make you win a game and more in the simulator. These are five players who can make you have a hard time if you let them take open shots on the court.