The Craziest Player Ratings In NBA 2K21

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(via Digital Trends)

(via Digital Trends)

NBA 2k prides itself on being a franchise that pays great attention to detail. Year after year, they improve gameplay and graphics to make the game feel as realistic as possible.

But not even 2k is perfect, and they routinely miss the mark when it comes to some aspects of their game.

The worst of it might be their player rating, which has some fans seriously scratching their heads. On Twitter, one fan went os far as to compile a list of grievances with the current ratings:

Kawhi is probably the bets mid-ranger shooter in the game, so why are there so many players rated ahead of him in that category? De'Aaron Fox is probably the fastest player in the NBA, so why is he slower than Lou Williams in the game?

Seems like 2k has to make some serious adjustments to their roster, especially considering they pride themselves on making their NBA game as realistic and lifelike as possible.