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Zion Williamson: 'My Guy In NBA 2K Is Slow And Not That Good'

Credit: 2K Ratings

Credit: 2K Ratings

It’s normal to see NBA players complaining about their rating in 2K games, and 2K20 hasn’t been the exception. This was a common thing before and after the game was released, and now Zion Williamson had something to say about his avatar, as he doesn’t seem to be very pleased by his rating.

During the New Orleans Pelicans media day, Williamson reflected on his 81 rating in the newest version of the video game, stating he wasn't very happy about it:

"My guy is not that good in 2K. That's OK. He's slower than I'd like but it's fine. It's weird though. At the AAU trips when you're younger, you're playing 2K with your friends and teammates and you're having fun. You slide over to the right or to the left and you start pushing the button to switch teams, 'Boom, you're right there.' You don't have to create your player. Your player is already there. It's just like, 'Man, I'm here. But I want to stay here for a long time.' All this stuff just adds motivation to my fire."

Even though he’s not happy with his current rating, he has to know he's the highest-rated rookie in the video game. Williamson gained a lot of attention during his days with Duke University, getting all the hype he could receive, something that hasn’t stopped yet.

He’s expected to do big things in the league, and if he starts to do so this very season, his 2K20 will go up in no time.