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15-Year-Old 6'7 270 lb Point Guard Could Revolutionize Basketball

Credit: Hoop Journey

Credit: Hoop Journey

In all sports, one of the best aspects are the superstars that rule the game. Sports, in general, is the appreciation of the athletic capability of mankind.

How fast can someone run? How high can someone jump? How far can someone throw? The Superstar is the guy that pushes these physical axioms to the limit for us all to enjoy in the process. That is why the Superstar develops a cult-like following, is talked about even after he is gone and why they get paid millions of dollars.

Icons of the game of basketball are revered across the globe simply for their ability to control a 22-ounce ball filled with air. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, LeBron James are just some of the names that will be remembered so long as man has the ability to speak. They changed the game and so deserve their place on the Mt Rushmore of Basketball players.

Given how much we love and crave Superstars it’s natural for us to search far and wide for anyone that we can compare to the superstars of old. We want more celestial figures to follow and support. With all this in mind, I’d like to introduce you to someone you could be hearing a lot more about in the next few years; Ty’Rion Denson.

Denson is a 15-year-old, 270 lbs, 6 foot 7 point guard from Florida. He is having a breakout season in Orlando in his Sophomore year in high school with his great handle and playmaking ability. He recently had a Hoop Journey video which nearly has 2 million views already thanks to his unusual skill-set.

The title of the video says that Denson is “Revolutionizing Basketball”. Revolutionizing is a word that is very overused in today’s society to grab headlines, but there’s no doubt this kid could be something special.

He is still growing and could be close to 7 feet tall when he goes to college. His ball-handling will serve him extremely well as he will be able to get to wherever he wants to on the floor. He has a good shooting motion which he should look to perfect as the years go by.

He does need to lose some weight before he goes to college for him to have a serious chance of making the pros. That excess weight slows him down and hampers his athletic ability. His stamina will also be hugely affected as his muscles need to exert extra effort when he runs and shoots.

If he is to become a successful point guard/center in the NBA then he has to be able to hit the 3 well. The NBA is now a 3-point shooting league and a guard that can’t consistently hit from the outside will suffer. As I said earlier Denson has a good, simple motion that he can work on for the next few years.

If he does that and loses the weight then I have no doubt that the name Ty’Rion Denson will become a household name in basketball.