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19-Year-Old Kobe Bryant And 35-Year-Old Michael Jordan Combined For 69 Points 23 Years Ago. 19-Year-Old Zion Williamson And 35-Year-Old LeBron James Combined For 69 Points Last Night.

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Los Angeles Lakers and the New Orleans Pelicans clashed on Tuesday night, in a game that saw LeBron James go against rookie sensation Zion Williamson for the first time.

This game left us some things to think about, including some curious facts involving the two stars. In a battle of old and young players, LeBron and Williamson combined for 69 points. Fans were quick to notice that something very similar had occurred early on in Kobe Bryant's career.

Back in the day, a young Kobe Bryant faced off with an old Michael Jordan, and they combined for the exact 69 points of James and Williamson. To make things more interesting, the ages of the players involved were the exact same, 19 for Kobe and 35 for MJ.

There was a difference between the two duels, though, as fans noted that Kobe and Jordan actually guarded each other during that match, something that didn’t happen with Bron and Zion.

Following the game, James and Williamson spoke about their interactions on the court. They had not previously met, but they only said good things about one another.

"He's playing exceptional basketball. I think every game he's just going to get better and better," James said about Williamson on Tuesday night. "Just having that experience. I think today's game is a perfect fit for his game. The high pace, the way they play the game."

Williamson, on the other hand, said that James is an "incredible player" and that he doesn't understand what the media "doesn't understand about that."

The Lakers and Pelicans will face off once more during the 2020 season, and the fans will be expecting another good night for these two.