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2017 NBA Free Agency: Chris Paul Will Sign With Los Angeles Clippers?



Remember when the Clippers were the best team in the NBA? They were leading the West and destroying the rest of the league, by huge margins of victory. While it seems like a century ago, it was only a few months ago. The Clippers stormed out of the gates to start this season, but have nose-dived ever since. As of now, they sit in 4th place in the Western Conference, with a 35-21 record. That’s not bad, of course. But no doubt its below the expectations this team had for themselves.

With the Clippers not flying quite as high as they’d hoped (mostly due to injuries and inconsistency), there looms one big question: Where will Chris Paul go?

This summer, he has an opportunity to become a free agent, and many teams will be wanting his services. The Knicks, Bulls, and Spurs have all been mentioned as possible landing spots for the star.

But according to Basketball Insiders, CP3 will not be going anywhere. Despite the Clippers failure to make any true noise in the post-season, Chris Paul will apparently stay a Clipper. In fact, sources say that a verbal agreement between him and the team have already been in place, and are just waiting to make things official.

So, with Chris Paul likely staying (although anything could change), will the Clippers keep Blake? Will they go after Carmelo? Many questions still need to be answered as the trade deadline approaches, but for now, at least the Clippers can count on keeping their biggest point guard star. And that’s a great place to start.


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