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2018 Free Agency: LeBron To Choose Between Two Teams


All throughout the past season (and now through this summer), the talk of the league has revolved around LeBron James' next potential destination.

For a while, those locations included Houston, Philadelphia, Boston, San Antonio, Cleveland and Los Angeles. In a report by Brian Windhorst, however, that list has been reduced to two.

According to Windhorst, LeBron James' family will play a huge role in his upcoming decision. And because his wife isn't particularly keen on Houston, LA (where they already own a family home) or staying put in Ohio are the only remaining options for James.

In Cleveland, he won't have to face any damage to his legacy and gets the opprotunity to play in a comfortable enviroment. For the Lakers, LeBron will be placed in the best setting for his post-basketball life.

Starting July 1st, we'll start getting a clearer picture as to what that choice might be.