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2018 NBA Draft Class Is Really On Fire This Season

Credit: Slam Studios

Credit: Slam Studios

The 2018 NBA Draft class was one of the most talented in the last couple of years, with plenty of players looking very good ahead of the draft. That night we saw a couple of traded and some questionable decisions from some teams. However, nobody can deny that draft class is something else and a variety of players are showing their quality this season.

This is only their third year in the league and they're already making a lot of noise. While others started sooner, like Trae Young and Luka Doncic, this season we've seen some players stepping up and showing they have the potential to become stars in the association. Slam Studios pointed out that the 2018 Draft class is balling right now, with some players really showing their best game right now.

Cleveland Cavaliers' Collin Sexton leads his class in points per game, posting 27.0 every night. He has taken his team to compete this season in the East, having terrific games in recent nights. Sexton is followed by Luka Doncic, who is averaging 26.1 PPG right now.

Deandre Ayton, the No. 1 overall pick that night, is a rebounding machine right now, averaging 12.1 per outing. Curiously, he's followed by Doncic (10.1), a point guard and not a big man like Ayton. The Slovenian player is the assist leader of his class, dishing 9.5 dimes per game, followed by Trae Young with 9.0

Mitchell Robinson of the New York Knicks is the leader of blocks, posting 1.8 per outing, followed by Robert Williams III, with 1.5 blocks per game. Charlotte Hornets standout Devonte Graham leads the category of steals with 1.8 per game, followed by Mitchell Robinson with 1.6.

Doncic is also the leader of turnovers, a not so good category in the list. Luka is averaging 4.2 turnovers per game, while Trae Young is second with 4.1 TOs.

We've seen some players that have met and even succeeded expectations. Sexton wasn't expected to be this good nor be this good at this age. He has been great for the Cavs and he's playing a key role in their good moment right now. This kid has a bright future ahead, just like the rest of his class. Devonte Graham had a very good season last year, posting incredible numbers with the Hornets, but this season things have changed a little bit for him.

As for the rest, we already knew that Ayton, Doncic and Young had the potential to become stars and they're confirming that this campaign. They have competitive teams that can make it to the postseason and make some noise in the playoffs. Robinson and his Knicks are surprising everyone and they can only get better from this point on.

This was a great draft class and even though Luka is seen as the player with the highest projection, the rest of the class is doing a lot of great things this season.

Credit for idea: Slam Studios