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2019-20 NBA Season Expected To Return On July 31st

(via Yahoo! Sports)

(via Yahoo! Sports)

It's been months since we last saw an NBA basketball game. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the league was forced to shut down all operations indefinitely.

Over these past few weeks, many have questioned when the NBA will return, or even if it will return at all.

But today, some good news has been revealed on the state of the season.

According to Shams Charnia, Adam Silver has finally set a return date.

Obviously, late July is usually the dead time of the NBA offseason. It follows the Finals, the Draft, and free-agency. This year, it seems that all of that will get pushed back.

As for the details of the return, that much has yet to be revealed. The exact location of where teams will play and whether or not teams will jump straight to the playoffs is still unknown to the public at this time.

But an official start date is a welcome sign for basketball fans, who have been kept waiting since mid-March. Hopefully, time between now and then will pass quickly.