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2019 Free Agency: Kawhi Leonard Will Focus On The Clippers

Kawhi Leonard

Kahwi Leonard continues to have his eyes set on Los Angeles. But, contrary to the most recent reports, the Purple and Gold likely don't have a chance. Adrian Wojnarowski, in an appearance on ESPN's Get Up, disputed the claims that the Lakers were in play for the 2019 Finals MVP.

"Kawhi Leonard's focus [is] on Los Angeles, but it's the Clippers not the Lakers."

With the acquisition of Anthony Davis, the community was being led to believe they had a shot at landing Kawhi. Truth is, that narrative was doubtful from the start.

Why would the reigning Finals MVP, who just carried the Raptors to a title without the help of a superstar, sacrifice money to go play in the shadow of Anthony Davis and LeBron? The Clippers were always a more realistic option, and their team now rivals the one the Raptors have assembled.

They are a deep, passionate squad full of role-players hungry to get to the next. With Kawhi, they would easily contend for the Western Conference throne.

This summer, the decision will ultimately be between another run as the face of basketball for an entire nation or a new contract with a well-built squad in the city he has always adored. And while the Lakers will be in contention for a number of free agents this summer, Kahwi will, unfortunately, not be one of them.