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2019 Free Agency: NBA Insider Suggests Kevin Durant Could Leave Warriors To Face ‘Next Challenge’ Of His Career


When Kevin Durant first joined the Warriors back in 2016, it causes a national uproar. It basically created an unfair, nearly unbeatable super-team in the Bay area, and people blamed Durant for taking the easy way out.

The decision did earn Durant two Finals MVPs and a platform to let loose on all the haters. In fact, it'd be hard to say that there's something Durant hasn't already accomplished what he set out to do with the Warriors.

Which is why he might be leaving, as told by ESPN‘s Chris Herring when asked to write out his wish list for Christmas 2019.

“The logic in leaving would be clear: After accomplishing just about everything he could with Golden State, he’d be prepared for the next challenge to show he’s capable of winning big without the sort of star power he has now. The bet here is that come Christmas Day 2019, Durant will be playing in the Bay Area — just in an opposing team’s uniform, in his return to face his former team.”

To be clear, Herring isn't using some sort of inside source for this statement. He's merely predicting that Durant will leave based upon the logic of wanting a new challenge to complete. And it makes a whole lot of sense.

Things have almost been too easy for the Warriors these past few seasons. Durant has stomped his way to consecutive Championships without a whole lot of sweating in between. If he stays, it'll be more of the same.

And as great as winning is, what good will it do his legacy? And how meaningful will they be?

In a place like New York or L.A., or back home in Oklahoma City, Durant could return as a Champion to help make the city Champions, in a place that's new, challenging, and meaningful. Doesn't sound half bad, does it?