2019 NBA Free Agency: Irving Leaning Toward Signing Max Deal With Nets

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(via The Big Lead)

(via The Big Lead)

Just two seasons ago, the Brooklyn Nets were still very much a team trying to dig themselves out of their own mess. Now, after a playoff berth, and an admirable rebuilding process, they are on the verge of landing one of the summer's biggest names.

Despite the warnings, despite the headaches, they will go all-in on bringing Kyrie Irving to Brooklyn.

(via the New York Post)

Multiple sources throughout the NBA believe Irving is leaning toward signing a four-year, $141 million deal with Brooklyn once free agency starts Sunday. And those sources universally agree he’s leaving Boston, — with those bridges not just burned, but bombed into rubble.

The Nets' dream scenario remains to bring in Kyrie and Kevin Durant together, but would likely come with a max offer to either alone if it came to it.

While Durant's path is still unclear, the Nets have long been favored in the Kyrie sweepstakes. Irving was raised in West Orange, NJ, going to Nets games in the Meadowlands. He grew up a fan and now has the opportunity to play for them in, perhaps, one of the biggest markets in sports.

Uncle Drew is also said to be considering the Lakers and Knicks.