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2019 NBA Mock Draft: New York Knicks Choosing Between Zion Williamson And R.J. Barrett

Christopher Katsarov/The Canadian Press via AP

Christopher Katsarov/The Canadian Press via AP

The Knicks are wondering what to do with their first pick. The team is trying to decide between two Duke players: Zion Willamson and R.J. Barrett.

The clear-cut choice for most people would be Zion Williamson. However, Barret is also talented as the freshmen is averaging 23.7 points per game this year while playing alongside Williamson. In comparison, Williamson is averaging 21.6 points.

There is talent out there, for sure. The only question is whether the Knicks will get the first pick. The team has the worst record in the league, but new rules allow the top three teams to get an even chance to get the first pick.

If the Knicks win the NBA Draft lottery, they will snag one of these Duke prospects. The next move is: who are they going to pair him with? The dreadful team is hoping to land Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving during the summer, and the addition of a rookie phenom could entice players to join the franchise.

The combination of Williamson and Barrett made the Blue Devils an unstoppable force, even drawing comparisons to one of the best NCAA teams, the Fab Five. However, Williamson went down with a knee injury and the team lost the bout against North Carolina. Now, there are talks that Williamson should sit for the rest of the year to not risk an injury. As a result, Duke’s chances at a championship will have been shattered.

If Williamson does sit, Barrett could have a chance to take the stage and win the attention of NBA teams. Without Zion, it’s open season for Barret to rack up more highlights. The Knicks could definitely get a better look at Barrett now that Williamson is out.

Even if the Knicks don’t get the first pick, they could use the 2nd pick on the remaining player. However, if they do get the first pick, the Knicks will have to make a decision. Either way, they’re getting a good player as long as they don’t place third in the NBA Draft lottery.

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