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2020 Could Give Us The Best Dunk Contest Of All-Time

Zion Williamson

Be honest, no matter how cool you think the dunk contest is, none have matched up to the one in 2016, where Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine put up, arguably, the best showing we've ever seen.

And every dunk contest that has followed has only served to increase the disappointment of it all. Many are wondering if the dunk contest will ever be able to rebound to what it used to be.

And while we, of course, can not predict the future, it would certainly do a lot better if this proposition by Ben Golliver were made a reality.

"LaVine. Gordon. Diallo. Williamson. Two defending champions, two rematches, and the two most viral dunkers of the Twitter Era. In the city where Michael Jordan famously won the 1988 Dunk Contest. In the house that Mike built."

Not only would the infamous 2016 contestants get another go, but it would include Zion, a guy we've seen more than enough plays to be hyped up about.

Imagine those four competing in the ultimate dunk fest? No doubt, it would be one for the ages... the only hard thing would be determining what to do in 2021. Because how could any dunk contest come close to that one?