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2020 NBA Draft: The Minnesota Timberwolves Are Reportedly Interested In Dayton Prospect Obi Toppin

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The 2020 NBA draft is getting closer and nobody is 100% what is going to happen with the top picks; if they will get traded before, during, or after draft night, while there isn't a general consensus of what player will be the first overall selection that night. Some reports say it'll be LaMelo Ball, others say Anthony Edwards but there is a player that could be the #1 overall pick next month.

Dayton prospect Obi Toppin appears to be drawing more attention from the Minnesota Timberwolves ahead of the draft, Jonathan Wasserman of Bleacher Report recently explained. Wasserman revealed that not everybody is convinced that other prospects could be good players in the league and Toppin is looking like a good candidate for Minnesota.

Not every NBA evaluator loves LaMelo Ball, whose shooting and professionalism have been questioned by some around the league, even if they still have him at or near the top of their board. And not everyone trusts Anthony Edwards' style and impact or sees James Wiseman's upside or value in today's NBA.

Sources tell B/R the Minnesota Timberwolves are high on Toppin. The question is whether they'd be willing to take him first overall or if they'd only draft the big man out of Dayton in a trade-down scenario.

Teams are buying into Toppin's scoring carrying over based on his explosiveness, inside-out skill level and efficient volume production. And while they acknowledge the concerns about his defense, nobody seems too alarmed or ready to suggest they'll negate or neutralize his projected offensive output.

This draft doesn't have the biggest potential of all but the first five picks could be very helpful for those teams. It was recently reported that the T-Wolves were entertaining the idea of trading the No. 1 pick but that idea seems to have faded now. Obi Toppin was expected to do big things in the NCAA tournament in March, but the coronavirus outbreak prevented us from seeing him try to lead his team to the national champions.

Now he's entering the NBA draft and his stocks have raised, according to Wasserman.