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2020 NBA Free Agency: Top 5 Best Destinations For Buddy Hield

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Buddy Hield is one of the best shooters in the league and has the potential to be a very good two-way player. He has all the physical tools and intangibles needed to become a legitimate starter on any NBA team for many years to come. At the moment, he is a sharpshooter who has great size for a two-guard.

Despite playing for a team without many scoring options, Hield might be looking elsewhere for an opportunity. Whether he is looking for a max contract or a team that has the potential to actually be in the playoffs, the Sacramento Kings might not be the best place for him.

Most importantly, Hield wants to feel wanted and desired for a franchise that does not simply look at him as another shooter. He wants to be welcomed, desired, and needed in order for him to boost his game to the very highest level.

Assuming that the Kings do not want the burden of a massive contract on their books, or if they find Hield expendable, here are the very best destinations for Buddy Hield.

Atlanta Hawks

Why the Hawks should sign Hield: The Atlanta Hawks have a very exciting young core including Trae Young, Cam Reddish, and John Collins. Adding Hield would create a very exciting starting lineup that can do everything on the floor. The Hawks have been rebuilding for a while, and adding a young sharpshooter to join Young and Reddish would be excellent for their ability to spread the floor and pack the stadium with fans.

While it might take some time to become relevant, the East is not loaded with talent and their future will be bright with Hield in the backcourt.

Why the Hawks are great for Hield: Hield will probably get a max contract offer from Atlanta, and he would enjoy playing alongside Trae Young. Young is a great scorer, but also a great facilitator. His ability to draw defenders on him will allow Hield to spot up for open three’s for much of the game. Not to mention, Atlanta fans have always welcomed shooting (think Kyle Korver) and Hield will certainly be a fan-favorite.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Why the Cavaliers should sign Hield: The Cavs are also in rebuild mode, and want a selection of young players with lots of potentials. They also want a young player who fits nicely with their current crop of players including Collin Sexton and Darius Garland. Hield fits both of those categories.

Hield has a lot of potentials offensively, and the Cavs may feel they have the perfect opportunity for him to showcase his talents. Not to mention, top free agents do not think of Cleveland as a major destination, so they might have to settle with offering Hield a max contract.

Why the Cavaliers are great for Hield: Hield can join the Cavs as arguably the best player on the team, and the best shooter. This will give him plenty of time to develop his game and also take his chances of expanding what he can offer on the court. Hield is a great shooter, but the Cavs will need him to do a lot of scoring and defending which can only help his game. Hield would also play nicely alongside Sexton and Garland, as they can mature together while complementing their playing styles.

Charlotte Hornets

Why the Hornets should sign Hield: The Hornets desperately need talent, and as possibly the worst team in the league, they need it as soon as possible. Not to mention, they have a lot of money to offer Hield who can quickly get acclimated in Charlotte and start getting shots up from the perimeter. By adding Hield, the Hornets can at least begin attracting respectable talent to their team while also developing what they have including Terry Rozier. Rozier and Hield would be ani interesting backcourt, to say the least.

Why the Hornets are great for Hield: Hield will likely get a massive offer from the Hornets and can be the man to at least put some respect on their name. If Hield wants an opportunity to be wanted and desired, Charlotte seems like a great place. He will have plenty of opportunities to shine and will enjoy playing alongside Rozier who is a tough competitor that loves the game.

Detroit Pistons

Why the Pistons should sign Hield: The Pistons need shooting desperately, and Hield is the perfect player for their system. Playing with two bigs as their cornerstones, they need perimeter players who can stretch the floor and make an impact. Hield can immediately come in and address the main problem areas, and actually make them competitive when their bigs attract all the attention. Adding a scoring perimeter player like Hield will greatly increase their chances of making a push in the East.

Why the Pistons are great for Hield: Hield can come in as the best perimeter player the Pistons have, and also enjoy playing alongside Griffin and Drummond. Griffin can be very dominant at times and is a great passer. Hield will have plenty of open shots and can run the floor knowing that he will be found in the corners. Not to mention, Hield can get the opportunity to play for a city that demands greatness so Hield can be influenced by a winning culture.

Memphis Grizzlies

Why the Grizzlies should sign Hield: The Grizzlies need shooting desperately, and Hield can address this problem as soon as possible. Gone are the grit n grind days, and they are intent on building around Jaren Jackson Jr. and Ja Morant. Hield fits perfectly in that core, as a good-sized perimeter player who can stroke it from deep. Hield will certainly be welcomed in Memphis, who will be looking to offer a maximum contract to attract his services.

Why the Grizzlies are great for Hield: Hield can expect a max contract from Memphis, since they do not have a very attractive market for top free agents. Hield will enjoy playing for the Memphis fans, who will actually be excited to see long-distance shots swish through the basket. Even during the grit n grind days, Memphis would struggle to score from the perimeter. Hield will have a chance at making a name for himself in a loaded Western Conference and will enjoy the prospect of being wanted by the Grizzlies front office.


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