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2021 All-Star Game Voting: Klay Thompson Is Incredibly The 8th Most-Voted Guard In The Western Conference, Alex Caruso 10th

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The second return of the 2021 All-Star Game voting has arrived and as usual, NBA fans left their mark on the voting. This year the big game will be played in Atlanta after the league agreed to carry out the event next March. That said, the fans have participated, supporting their favorite players although some of them aren't necessarily good enough to make it to the game.

When the second return surfaced, fans were quick to notice how some players received more votes than other stars while not playing at a good level. The biggest example of that is Klay Thompson, who was 10th in the first return of the votes and now has climbed some positions, being the 8th most voted guard in the Western Conference. This was more surprising than the first time and NBA fans took to Twitter to express their opinion on that.

While some made jokes about it, others attacked the people that voted for the Golden State Warriors star and others pointed out that Los Angeles Lakers' Alex Caruso was 10th, with more votes than players like De'Aaron Fox or Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Well, this is what happens when fans want to troll with one of the biggest events of the season and they found a very fun way to do so. Of course, not everybody likes this strategy but this is democracy and that's how things work when fans use the tools they have to vote for their favorite players.