2021 NBA All-Defensive Teams Have Been Revealed: Rudy Gobert, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green, And More

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2021 NBA All-Defensive Teams Have Been Revealed- Rudy Gobert, Ben Simmons, Draymodn Green, And More

When you got guys like Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, and Damian Lillard capable of dropping 40 on any given night, it's easy for more defensive-minded guys to fall under the radar.

Nowadays, scoring is everything, and guys who can put the ball through the net are usually going to secure the bag.

Still, defense is important, and the best defenders in the game make an enormous impact on that end of the floor for their team.

With the MVP, Sixth Man, and other annual awards out of the way, the NBA finally announced the All-Defensive teams for this season, and it includes some truly stellar talent:

Kawhi, Gobert, Embiid, Draymond, Butler, and Giannis are regulars on this list, and it's no surprise to see them earn the honor again.

Other names, like Bam, Thybulle, and Holiday aren't as decorated -- though just as deserving as the others.

 In a league where defensive intensity is so heavily criticized, and seemingly lacking, these guys are proof that high-quality defensive play is still alive and well in the game today.

It gives hope for the future that, with more time, we'll see some more of that grit we saw during the 90s and 2000s.

Either way, we should appreciate what they bring to the table.