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2022 NBA Playoffs Commercial Completely Ignores LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

2022 NBA Playoffs Commercial Completely Ignores LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers

The 2022 NBA playoffs are getting closer, as we enter the final two weeks of competition, with many teams fighting for a spot in the top 4, others trying to avoid the play-in tournament while the rest will leave everything on the court to have a chance to play in the young and exciting competition. 

One of the biggest stories this season has been the Los Angeles Lakers underperforming during the entire campaign. Following a painful defeat against the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night, they are the 11th seed in the Western Conference standings, which would make them miss the play-in. 

The Lakers can still bounce back and win the rest of their games, get in the play-in and make it to the postseason, but not many people believe they can get the job done. Not even the league is counting on the Lakers to make it to the big party, as they showed in a recent commercial. 

On every platform, the league released a 2-min video previewing the upcoming playoffs, showing a variety of cameos, including former players like Shaquille O'Neal, Reggie Miller, Clyde Drexler, David Robinson, and Chris Webber, movie stars like Tiffany Haddish, Spike Lee and Ludacris as well as social media influencers. 

They gathered a lot of people for this video, but during the 2:20 minutes, there was no sign of LeBron James or the Los Angeles Lakers. Given their bad moment and how terrible they've fared this season, it's easy to see why the league decided to omit them. However, it's still crazy that they ignore their most famous and winningest franchise. Even the struggling Knicks had some time on camera. 

This is a big proof of how bad the Lakers are right now. The Russell Westbrook experiment hasn't worked out and nothing points out it'll change in the near future. Perhaps this is a prediction of how the playoffs will be this year: Lakers-less.