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2022 Warriors Building Case To Surpass Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls As Greatest Dynasty Ever

2022 Warriors Building Case To Surpass Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls As Greatest Dynasty Ever

The Golden State Warriors are headed to their 6th NBA Finals in the last 8 years. While that puts into perspective how crazy it was that LeBron James made 8 consecutive Finals, it is also much harder for a single team to enjoy that success over such a long period. 

Players switch teams, stars get old, draft assets get depleted, etc. always break down once-great teams into lottery fodder. However, Golden State is in the third era of their core trio of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green and are going back to the Finals.

The first era saw them win the 2015 title and lost the 2016 title in a shocking collapse. The second era was with Kevin Durant when the Warriors were basically unstoppable until injuries got them in 2019. After two years in the lottery led to some smart picks, the Warriors are right back there matching the 90s Chicago Bulls in terms of their proficiency in getting to the NBA Finals.

Many people have been comparing these dynasties for years, especially after the Warriors took the greatest regular-season record away from the Bulls in 2015-16. But, the Bulls went 6-0 over their 8-year championship window. A win this season puts the Warriors at 4-2.

By virtue of having lost two series, many people will put the Bulls ahead with Jordan. Even if the Warriors got injured in 2019, 2016 is a little harder to explain outside the Draymond Green suspension. But he did play Games 6 and 7, with the Warriors still losing.

If this GSW team is to compete with Jordan's Bulls in terms of who is the better team, they have to clinch this title and bring it home. If they continue this trajectory by developing talents like Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody, this Warriors dynasty may have another generation of success in them.