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23 NBA Legends Share Who They Think The GOAT Is

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The GOAT debate has been hotter than ever in recent days after ESPN released Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls' docu-series 'The Last Dance'. We got to see MJ and all his greatness during 5 weeks in 10 episodes that showed us why so many people believe MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time without any hesitation.

However, this is not new and one youtube user, JxmyHighroller made this video about 23 NBA legends who share their opinion on who is the greatest player of all time. They named several candidates, but there was one that stood out the most, as usual.

Jxmy started with Jordan, saying he picked himself as the GOAT, stating only prime Kobe Bryant was able to beat him. Moreover, Larry Bird picked MJ, as well, just when Jordan had two years playing in the NBA. Magic Johnson made it clear that Jordan was the GOAT while Bill Russell also made the case for His Airness. Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley and even Elgin Baylor believe MJ was the greatest of all time.

Oscar Robertson was asked about who the GOAT is and even though he didn't specifically say LeBron James, he hinted that he preferred the King over Jordan. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was asked the same question and he replied with Oscar Robertson. Although he might have changed his mind now. During an interview in 2018, he claimed he didn't believe Jordan was the GOAT.

Kareem also earned some big praise from these players, with stars like Karl Malone or Isiah Thomas picking him as the GOAT. Dr. J also called him the GOAT, saying that if LeBron James wanted to earn the GOAT title, he had to surpass KAJ.

Talking about LeBron, Scottie Pippen, MJ's sidekick, picked Bron as the GOAT in 2017. Seeing recent comments we notice that Pippen saw Kobe Bryant as a better player than Michael Jordan, but it's unclear if that's enough to surprise LeBron and get called the GOAT.

There were more surprises there, as Wilt Chamberlain picked Meadowlark Lemon as his GOAT, an unexpected answer.

In the end, MJ finished with 10 votes, while Kareem earned 4, Wilt Chamberlain 3, LeBron James 2 and Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson and Mr. Lemon with 1. John Stockton was also asked about the GOAT, but he named a variety of players instead of a single one.

Well, MJ dominated this sort of poll with 10 votes, demonstrating that he is the GOAT and it will be hard seeing a player surpassing him on the all-time list.