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40-Year Old Michael Jordan Played All 82 Games With 37.0 MPG In The Final Season Of His NBA Career

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40-Year Old Michael Jordan Played All 82 Games With 37.0 MPG In His Final Season Of NBA Career

Michael Jordan is most famous for bringing the Chicago Bulls to six championships in the 90s, and there's no doubt that many people view him as the greatest player to ever play the sport of basketball. Michael Jordan has broken many records, and he notably has 10 scoring titles, with no other player reaching that amount.

While he is well-known for his time with the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan played for the Washington Wizards later on in his career. His tenure on the Wizards lasted two seasons, and it was clear that Michael Jordan wasn't as dominant then as he was with the Chicago Bulls.

While Michael Jordan's seasons with the Washington Wizards were viewed as lesser as compared to his seasons with the Chicago Bulls, he was still playing very well. During the 2002-03 season, which was his last season in the NBA, Michael Jordan was still averaging 20.0 PPG, 6.1 RPG, and 3.8 APG, while shooting 44.5% from the field. Notably, Michael Jordan had similar counting stats during that season to LeBron James' rookie season, which just shows how impressive that was.

An underrated statistical fact about Michael Jordan's last season shows just how amazing he was, even as he was nearing retirement. During that 2002-03 season, Michael Jordan played all 82 games of the season, while averaging 37.0 MPG. It is definitely quite amazing that Michael Jordan was that durable at the age of 40, and it's astounding that a 40-year old was able to play those kinds of minutes, even if it was Michael Jordan.

There is no question that this fact just goes to show how much Michael Jordan loved the sport of basketball. It is clear that he was still a good player, but his athleticism was simply not on the same level at 40 as it was in his prime.

Michael Jordan was a phenomenal player, and to many, he's the player that is on top of the pantheon of NBA greats. There is no doubt that he is an absolute legend, and even in the twilight of his NBA career, he still managed to have a better season than a lot of players do in their prime.   

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