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5 Most Popular NBA Conspiracy Theories That Fans Actually Believe

5 Most Popular NBA Conspiracy Theories That Fans Actually Believe

The NBA is where amazing happens, but, what happens when things tend to look a bit more amazing than normal? What happens when it looks as if the league was following a bit of a movie script?

Over the course of history, the league and it’s players have been involved in several scandals that have put the NBA’s credibility in question, and even though we still love this sport, sometimes things can look a bit fishy, to say the least.

So, conspiracy theory enthusiasts have always gotten a lot to say about the league, the outcome of some games and playoff series and the way some players get treated by the refs. That’s why today, we’re going to let you know about the most popular NBA conspiracy theories.

5. Are Big Market Teams Favored?

Credit: Conscious Basketball

Credit: Conscious Basketball

That’s something all sports fans across all different sports have always talked about. Regardless of if we’re talking about the New York Yankees, Real Madrid, Los Angeles Lakers or the Boston Celtics, it’s always looked as if the league would benefit from big market teams succeeding, something that obviously makes a lot of sense, financially.

Big market teams are always featured in Christmas games regardless of how poorly they’ve fared throughout the season, and they’re constantly being handed a lot of primetime games even if they’re struggling as much as the Lakers have struggled over the last couple of years.

4. Superstars Are Favored?


Once again, this has always been a huge controversy topic among sports fans, but the NBA has been in the spotlight over and over as it looks way more obvious than it does in soccer, baseball and even football, especially when you take a look at some of the calls James Harden gets or the fact that LeBron never get called for charging.

Superstars get all the calls to go their way, never get called for traveling, and are constantly forgiven for their antics, while unproven players always get the worst out of it. Obviously, the league knows all fans pay to watch LeBron playing and him fouling out of a game will likely hurt their revenues.

3. Questionable Trades


Ok, this one’s kind of tricky, as sometimes general managers just make bold decisions that wind up biting them in the rear in no time. Still, over the course of history, several fans have wondered if, behind those bizarre moves, something kind of fishy and undisclosed may be happening right before our eyes.

For instance, Jerry West, a former Laker legend, was the Grizzlies GM when the team traded Pau Gasol to LA in return for his younger brother Marc, a lopsided deal that winds up giving LA a couple of Championships. Also, there’s another theory stating LeBron left the Cavs for them to pile up high Draft picks and build a strong team for his homecoming. Far-fetched as it may sound, it actually makes kind of sense.

2. Is The Draft Lottery Rigged?

This one’s one of the favorite conspiracy theories nowadays, especially considering how well the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers have fared lately in the Draft lottery. As a matter of fact, on the very first Draft lottery ever, the league was involved in a huge scandal regarding a so-called rig to hand the New York Knicks the 1st overall pick to bring Patrick Ewing to one of the biggest markets in the league on a time the NBA was struggling to establish as a business.

Furthermore, the fact that the lottery isn’t even done publicly anymore makes it look even more suspicious than it’s always been, and c’mon, what are the odds the Cleveland Cavaliers can get that many 1st overall picks in the lottery? Or the fact that the Bulls and Cavs won it when the highest ranked prospect was a local baller? That’s way more than just luck.

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1. Are Games And Playoff Series Rigged?

By all means, I truly hope this is just a huge load of lies, or, if it’s true, please don’t tell me anything about it. Even so, some fans actually assured of the fact that the NBA is just a huge act, and truth to be told, the visual evidence may actually point towards those guys were right, something that would literally ruin my entire life.

For instance, remember that playoff series between the Sixers with Iverson and Mutombo against the Bucks with Allen in 2001? The Bucks were called for 12 techs (3 for Philly) and 5 flagrant fouls (0 for the Sixers) and shot over 60 less free throws than the big market team.

Also, there are the 2006 Finals between the Heat and the Mavs, when Wade was given every single call until the Heat was able to come back to beat Dallas.

The most famous case is Sacramento Kings vs. Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals, the Lakers went to the line 27 times in the 1st quarter and the Kings were called for fouls when there was no contact whatsoever, and Kobe was given free throws after HE elbowed Mike Bibby in the face. And the list goes on and on. You can check the video above and see almost every detail.