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5 NBA Players With Most Career Wins And 5 Players With Most Career Losses With A Single Franchise


Playing in the hardest league in the world is not an easy task by any means. Only the best of the best even get a chance to display their talents to the whole world via the NBA. Moreover, even among such players, there are a few players that are cut from a different cloth.

Be it winning championships or simply winning games, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve that. What's harder? It is to stay with a single team for the most part or for an entire career and help them win games on a regular basis.

Today, we are discussing 5 players who have won the most regular-season games with a single franchise. Evidently, you can also find the list of 5 players with the most losses in the regular season with a single franchise.

Via StatMuse:

5 Players With Most Regular Season Wins With A Single Team

  1. Tim Duncan - 1001 Career Wins (San Antonio Spurs)
  2. John Stockton - 953 Career Wins (Utah Jazz)
  3. Karl Malone - 919 Career Wins (Utah Jazz)
  4. Dirk Nowitzki - 916 Career Wins (Dallas Mavericks)
  5. Tony Parker - 862 Career Wins (San Antonio Spurs)

Tim Duncan tops the list with 1001 wins to his name. He spent his entire career with the Spurs and won various accolades with the team. If it weren't for his laid-back nature, he might even be in the debate for the GOAT. Duncan and the Spurs dominated the 2000s and won several NBA championships.

5 Players With Most Regular Season Losses With A Single Team

  1. Reggie Miller - 622 Career Losses (Indiana Pacers)
  2. Dirk Nowitzki - 606 Career Losses (Dallas Mavericks)
  3. John Stockton - 551 Career Losses (Utah Jazz)
  4. Calvin Murphy - 540 Career Losses (Houston Rockets)
  5. Kobe Bryant - 510 Career Losses (Los Angeles Lakers)

During his playing days, Reggie Miller was one of the most lethal shooters in the NBA. However, he played in the wrong era. He hit his prime when Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were on the rise and never let any other Eastern Conference team to outplay them. Despite that, the former NBA star is a Hall of Famer for his incredible career.

So these were the players that have won and lost most games with a single franchise. What are your thoughts on the two lists? Are you surprised with any entries?

Credit for the idea: Reddit User u/ADudeWithInternet