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5 Surprising NBA Trades That Could Happen This Season


Teams are always trying to improve their rosters in order to enhance their contention chances, either to enter win-now mode and make a playoff run or to try and build for the future looking ahead of next season.

Obviously, that means the team will never have the same roster at the end of the season that it had when we first started, so you never know who may be the next guy out or where your favorite player may land.

So, even if we can go and take a wild guess on some players that should or could be traded due to their contract/team situation, there will always be a trade that will knock everybody off their feet. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 5 surprising trades that could happen this season.

5. Washington Wizards Trading Bradley Beal

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The Washington Wizards have been stuck in a bit of a mediocrity spiral for a while now, having the kind of personnel on board to make a huge run in the playoffs but constantly falling short when it matters the most.

There have been a lot of rumors pointing towards Beal and Wall having a bit of a personal feud, and with the team all in their star point guard, maybe they could try and move Beal if they can get enough value in return.

4. Portland Trail Blazers Trading CJ McCollum


The Portland Trail Blazers were involved in a lot of trade rumors over the last couple of weeks, as all signs pointed towards the team breaking their explosive backcourt in order to surround either Lillard or McCollum with a best supporting cast.

CJ McCollum was closely linked with a move to the Cleveland Cavaliers during the Draft night but he winds up staying put at RIP City, but if the team struggles early on, they may want to flat out tank and get some value in return for their combo guard.

3. Boston Celtics Trading Gordon Hayward


Danny Ainge is a genius. He just is. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown look like one of the most gifted young 1-2 punch in the league for many, many years to come, creating a bit of a problem for the team’s front office.

They intend to play small ball with Hayward at the four, but now that Robert Williams is also on board, the team may view Hayward as an expendable asset, especially if they can pack him on a deal to get a player of the likes of Marc Gasol or Anthony Davis to come and play for them.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers Trading Kevin Love


Right after LeBron James decided to take his talents to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers handed a huge extension to Kevin Love in order to keep him for the long run, even amid the trade rumors that surrounded Love for over a season.

Still, with the team most likely to try and tank throughout the entire season, they might as well pull a move similar than the one the Clippers did when trading Blake Griffin, dealing away Love in order to get several 1st round picks.

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1. Los Angeles Lakers Trading Lonzo Ball


Lonzo Ball was involved in some trade rumors that pointed towards him being dealt to the Blazers in order to get Damian Lillard to be dressed in purple and gold, but his camp reportedly leaked a knee injury to try and scare away any potential suitors interested in his services.

That kind of low moves and Lavar Ball’s constant talking, along with the fact that Lonzo may not fit next to LeBron James, could actually force Magic Johnson’s hand to deal him away and try to get Lillard, a California native that was closely tied with a trade to the Lakers early in the month.