5 Things NBA Fans Want To See In The Playoffs

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Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The NBA regular season is about to come to an end and, with few things to figure out besides playoff seeding at this point of the year, some teams are already planning ahead of next season while others are thinking about the postseason.

NBA fans all over the world can’t stop talking about what they want to see in the playoffs, considering we’ve witnessed one of the most exciting seasons in NBA history and the best is yet to come.

But, what do they want to see? What are they looking forward to in this year’s playoffs? Let’s break it down right now. PS: Feel free to add a couple more things in the comment section below.

5. James Harden Scoring 70+

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James Harden had a historic run this year and we want to see him replicate that success in the playoffs. He’s been called a choker throughout his entire career and now we finally want to see him deliver.

If anybody can score 70 even in the playoff, that’s the reigning MVP. He’s a lock to win another Scoring Title and has already posted two 61 games this year. C’mon, Harden, don’t let your fans down.

4. D’Angelo Russell Leading An Upset

DAngelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell already led the Brooklyn Nets to a historic comeback win against the Sacramento Kings, scoring 27 points in the 4th quarter to round up a 44 point performance and continue to lead his team to a playoff berth.

Now, we want to see if he really has ice in his veins as he claims. What better way to stick it to the Los Angeles Lakers than leading your team to the playoffs and then upsetting another team on the road?

3. Joel Embiid vs. Andre Drummond

These guys just hate each other, and every time they go at it, they make sure to let everybody know it. Embiid claims he has “a lot of real estates” in Drummond’s hate, and even though he’s mostly dominated him, Drummond has fired back more than once.

They’re a couple of the most talented big men in the world, and they could put on a show going 1 on 1 in the playoffs. Most importantly, the social media war afterward may be one for the ages.

2. Dwyane Wade Hitting A Game-Winner


If the Miami Heat wind up making the playoffs as expected, NBA fans are going to crave a last great run by Dwyane Wade, and, obviously, that includes hitting a game-winning shot in the playoffs.

Wade has already hit a couple of ridiculous last-second shots this season and we want him to go out the only way he knows how to do it. It’s ‘Father Prime’s’ Last Dance, he might as well make the most of it.

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1. Someone Beating The Golden State Warriors

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Disclaimer: We’re not against the Golden State Warriors. We love and respect them. But C’mon, we’re just sick and tired of watching them dominate in the playoffs and make it to the Finals. We want an underdog to win for a change.

The Warriors have completely owned basketball for 5 years straight and, while we actually believe they deserve to win a three-peat, we would love to see a team take them to 7 games and beat them in the Oracle.