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76ers Growing Concerned About Jimmy Butler's Fit With Organization

Jimmy Butler's Problem With The Philadelphia 76ers Are Serious

After just a few short months, it appears as if Jimmy Butler is already wearing out his welcome in Philadelphia.

While the organization is apparently focused on making things with both short-term and long-term, a number of different circumstances have caused some within the team to question Butler's place in their plans, per ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

Butler has been vocal in his contesting of Brown and his system, including a recent film session in Portland that some witnesses considered "disrespectful" and beyond normal player-coach discourse.

Brown has told people within the organization that he had no issues with that exchange and considered it within the confines of the relationship that he has developed with Butler, sources said.

While a source close to Butler contends that his intense, direct style can come off as combative as he is trying to make clear his viewpoints, Butler's sluggish assimilation into the Sixers environment is causing some concern about his long-term viability and fit with the organization, league sources said. Nevertheless, the franchise's full focus and resources remain on making this new partnership work this season and beyond.

In retrospect, one aggressive sit down with Coach is no reason for concern. But with Butler, things aren't that simple. Let's not forget the dialogue from Joel Embiid earlier in the year, the ones that showed frustration towards his role since the acquisition of Butler. And, of course, let's bear in mind his history, a past record of teams that he somehow found a way out of in dramatic fashion.

So while the Sixers' record displays a nice season, Jimmy Butler's "sluggish assimilation" into the team environment, awkward on-court chemistry, and a rather aggressive approach to Brett Brown are all making things very mirky behind closed doors.

Nobody knows what will result just yet, but don't rule out another exile for the 4x All-Star if things continue as they are.