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76ers Troll LeBron James On Twitter After Destroying Lakers In Philly

Lakers vs Sixers

It was earlier in the year that LeBron James spoke a quote that stuck in the minds of many in the NBA community.

"Anytime you fall, stay down...your brother will come pick you up."

It was supposed to be a rallying cry for the team, something to show their unity and bond as teammates. But, amidst the teams' struggles, and drama surrounding the deadline, it's being used as shade.

Following the 76ers 143-120 wrecking over the Lakers on Sunday, they took to Twitter, where they took a pretty obvious jab at LeBron and his team.

The team has been dealing with a lot of internal strife recently, with basically everyone but LeBron James being included in trade talks for Anthony Davis. It has been a toxic environment of late, so those words must be stinging especially hard for the Lakers.

With the deadline gone and past, these teams are set on very two different paths. The Sixers got better, and have set their sights higher for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, the Lakers are very much looking to recover from a rough season. Only time will determine where they go from here.