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9 Years Ago JR Smith Sent A DM To A High School Girl And Asked: "You Trying To Get The Pipe?"

9 Years Ago Jr Smith Sent A DM To A High School Girl And Asked: "You Trying To Get The Pipe?"

NCAA athlete JR Smith had a solid NBA career during the time he spent in the association. Before he went to North Carolina A&T to play golf, he was a good NBA player, winning titles and playing with great players like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. 

It was during his time in New York that the guard starred in a very controversial moment, learning how dangerous it is to send a risky text on social media, especially to people you know nothing about. 

Back in 2013, the then New York Knicks player was caught sliding into a girl's DM, asking her a direct question that made a lot of noise around the league. The girl in question informed the player she would attend the match, which apparently opened the door for JR. 

Girl: "I'm going to your game tonight."

Smith: "Dope."

Smith: "Oh really?"

Girl: "Oh really what?"

Smith: "You trying to get the pipe?"

That exchange went viral on social media when they weren't as global as today. NBA fans had plenty of things to say about it, and some created fun memes to mock the two-time NBA champion. 

Smith would open up about that interaction a couple of years later, saying he learned his lesson and would use give a better use to social media. 

"I was very immature and stupid," Smith said, via Sporting News. "But I learned from it too: Watch what you say on social media."

2020 was the last time he played in the NBA, joining the Los Angeles Lakers in the Orlando bubble, helping the Purple and Gold return to the top of the league, winning the 17th title in franchise history. Right now, he's in college, thriving in this new facet of his life, while waiting for an opportunity to return to the association.