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A Bad Sign For The Houston Rockets


This is it.

This is the matchup we’ve been waiting all year for. All season long, the Rockets perfected a system built to beat the Warriors, and a system that only the Warriors could beat.

And while the Rockets finally have their moment to prove themselves, reality is quickly starting to settle in. After a rather disheartening game one loss to Golden State, nobody is quite sure what to expect next from Houston. Alll we know for sure is that things don’t look very good... even only just one game in.

But perhaps the biggest indicator of Houston’s future demise is Steph Curry. Somehow, in a game that the Warriors won by double digits, Steph only scored 13 points with one made three... while it took Harden scoring over 40 to keep it close.

The Warriors just simply have too many weapons. And once all of them start to click again, the series could be headed for a pretty abrupt end.

No, it’s not time to call it quits for Houston, not yet. They’re earned more respect then that. But is there reason for serious doubt in their favor? Absolutely. There’s always is when going against the defending champs.