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A Boston Celtics Fan Tattooed '2022 NBA Champions' On His Shoulder In March, And It Could Be Coming True

A Boston Celtics Fan Tattooed '2022 NBA Champions' On His Shoulder In March, And It Could Be Coming True

The Boston Celtics have progressed all the way to the NBA Finals and are getting ready for the challenge known as the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are daunting opponents with a proven history of winning NBA Championships. Boston hasn't reigned as champions since 2008, but that could change this year.

The Celtics have a chance to raise their 18th championship banner, a dream for most Boston fans as it will give them the all-time championship lead over bitter rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers. There was a fan, 18-year-old Jack Bienvenue, who foreshadowed all of this in March after he got a tattoo of the 18th championship banner, proudly calling the Celtics 2022 NBA Champions.

Many casted doubts over the Celtics being the team to get out of the East in March, and this tattoo was mocked by many, but now that Boston has proven their caliber, it seems the team will keep Bienvenue from getting humiliated.

Getting a championship banner tattooed on you before the playoffs have even begun is something that very few people in this world would do, and Jack is definitely one of them. However, his faith in the team has paid off so far. 

"I just got a feeling that this was a team of destiny." 

"It's real. It doesn't come off," Bienvenue said. "I saw potential in them. So I thought why not go all out? The rest is history."

"I kept the confidence, kept the good vibes going. That's what you've got to do. Once you lose hope, it's over," Bienvenue said. (h/t CBS News)  

He's probably upset that the Golden State Warriors walked through the Western Conference pretty easily and will now stand in his team's way for the title.

The Finals battle will be extremely tense as these teams will leave it all on the line to go into the offseason with the title of NBA Champions. At this point, Jack is just as tense as the teams, because it won't be cheap to get that tattoo removed.