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A Cavaliers Player Called Danny Ainge 'A ****ing Thief' After Kyrie Irving Trade

Photo by Tara Carvalho

Photo by Tara Carvalho

Well, at least we know how some of the other Cleveland Cavaliers players felt after Kyrie Irving was traded to Boston.

The Cleveland-Boston trade that exchanged Irving and Ante Zizic for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, and the Nets' 2018 first-round pick was one of the biggest talking points of the past offseason, with everyone speculating how the trade between two of the Eastern Conference's powerhouses would shake up things in the East.

At the time of the trade -- with Kyrie wanting out of Cleveland -- the deal to acquire another All-Star guard and a lottery pick in the upcoming draft was about a good a deal as the Cavs could have hoped for with their backs against the wall. But as this season has told us, things could not have gone worse for Cleveland.

Fast-forward to the playoffs, and Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder aren't even on the Cavs roster anymore, and the Brooklyn pick ended up being drawn eighth in the lottery, not top 3 like many were predicting before the season began.

As it turns out though, a few Cleveland players saw the writing on the wall as soon as the trade was made official.

Now we have no idea who the player is, but you can hazard a guess it's probably one of the four players who have been with Cleveland the longest: LeBron James, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson or J.R. Smith.

To make matters even worse for the Cavs, they currently sit two games down in the Eastern Conference Finals to Danny Ainge and the Boston Celtics, all without Kyrie Irving playing a single minute for them.

That's definitely got to sting.