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A Closer Look Of Kawhi Leonard Taking An Elbow To His Face

A Closer Look Of Kawhi Leonard Taking An Elbow To His Face

Los Angeles Clippers star Kawhi Leonard starred in a very scary moment on Friday night after getting hit in the face by his own teammate, Serge Ibaka. In a rematch of the 2020 NBA playoff second-round series, the Clippers took on the Denver Nuggets and this time they took revenge on their rivals but they feared for Kawhi after a really bad play.

At some point, Leonard and Ibaka jumped to get a rebound and the Congolese-Spanish big man hit him in the face with his elbow, with Kawhi landing on the floor with a bloody face. It didn't look good at all and everybody was worried about the 2x Finals MVP. In the end, Kawhi left the game under his own power but he never returned.

He needed eight stitches on his face and now everything is fine for the player. Still, the scenes at the Pepsi Center were really worrisome. Videos and pics show Kawhi laying on the floor, with his eyes closed, something that set the alarms for the Clippers.

Fortunately, he got up and left the court with some help. This was a very unfortunate play and it's unclear if Leonard will miss any game time due to this hit. Everybody was worried but now the atmosphere is better for the Clips.

“Really worried,” Paul George said on the incident. “I was thinking of the worst. I didn’t know if he was concussed or how hard of a hit (it was) or what actually happened, because I didn’t see it. I just saw him laying on the ground. That was first and foremost, just making sure he was OK.”

Leonard is the best player on this team and his absence will surely hurt them. We wish he has a quick recovery after taking such a hard hit.