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'A Lot Of People' In The League Believe Kawhi Will Leave The Raptors



The heart wants what the heart wants. For Kawhi Leonard, that does not include living in the icy tundra of Toronto, Canada. Since Kawhi made his dramatic exit from the Spurs, the narrative has always included Los Angeles.

Even now, as the Raptors look to close out their first-round matchup, most still think he is destined to head West.

(via Brian Windhorst on The Jump)

"A lot of people in the NBA" believe the 27-year-old star will leave Toronto and sign elsewhere this summer."

It's not because of anything the Raptors did. It's just that Kawhi kind of wants to be on the West Coast. The difficulty is that Kawhi doesn't really articulate his feelings to people. … It's difficult to read. It's difficult for them to read, who have spent every day obsessing about it for months."

It is fair to say that Kawhi likes the Raptors. The team is performing well and has built a solid foundation around the 3x All-Star.

But when it comes down to it, will that appreciation for the Raptors exceed his desire to return home? At this point, most are inclined to say no. Thus, this postseason for Toronto may be their last chance to make things right.