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A Shocking Stat Should Have The Lakers Very Concerned About The Health Of LeBron James

LeBron James

The Lakers are in the midst of a tight Western Conference playoff race that will either see them sneak in to face the Warriors or just barely miss the cut, marking the entire season a failure in the eyes of Laker Nation.

Every game matters and every minute counts as the Lakers fight against their foes for that final 8th spot.

They'll need all hand son deck as they make this run... but they'll also need their guys healthy as well. And, after recently recovering from a groin strain that saw James miss a significant portion of the season, some are starting to seriously question if James is even fully recovered.

In a shocking statistic by Paul Headley, something has certainly changed in James after returning from that injury earlier in the season.

Right now, the L.A. superstar is moving at a pace similar to 40-year-old Dirk Nowitzki. That's concerning, especially for a guy who is usually above the rest in terms of physical capabilities.

And in the midst of an intense postseason push, this is the last thing they need.