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Aaron Gordon "Had A Dream" About Participating In The 2020 Dunk Contest



The 2016 Dunk Contest is probably one of the best ever and will go down as one of the fan favorites. Three years later, and while much has changed in the NBA, fans are still dreaming about one-day re-kindling that 2016 dunk contest flame with Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon now both fully healthy.

Apparently, Gordon was has been dreaming about it too, and it has led some to speculate he may be inclined to participate in the upcoming 2020 contest.

A rematch between the famed dunkers has been talked about for the past several years. And although both have aged and dealt with some injuries since that time, it was their creativity and originality that was, perhaps, the most impressive aspect of their performance.

In 2016, LaVine took home the drive -- but not without controversy. To this day, many claim Gordon was wrongfully denied the title. What better way to settle it than a rematch 4 years later?

It seems like Gordon is down. But LaVine? No word or response from him has dropped yet. Is he too busy preparing for stardom in Chicago or will he be swayed to return? Who knows, but we know what the fans want...