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Aaron Watkins On Stopping MJ: "Michael's Weakness Is His Shot, You Just Keep Him Around The Perimeter And When He Does This Move Right Here - Palms The Ball, Brings It Around - Just Don't Fall For That, Just Wait For Him To Shoot, Run Up There, Get The Re

(via ABC 7 Chicago)

(via ABC 7 Chicago)

There aren't many players in NBA history who have been as idolized as Michael Jordan. The man was a living legend, a God walking among men, and one of the most popular and universally beloved people to ever walk the earth when he was in his prime.

However, spotting Michael Jordan around local gyms in Chicago wasn't a rare sight, especially during his first retirement from the NBA, as he was used to just showing up to play pickup basketball and - obviously - dominate every single one on the gym.

Then again, it seems like a local youngster was unfazed by Michael Jordan's game back then. Adam Watkins, who was 14 years old at the time, even went as far as to give a scouting report as to how to stop the greatest player to ever do it, claiming that his shot was his weakness:

“Michael’s weakness is his shot. You just keep him around the perimeter, and when he does this move right here—palm the ball, bring it around—just don’t fall for that. Just wait for him to shoot, run up there, get the rebound, throw up some kind of lucky shot and you win," Watkins said back in the day, according to an interview recently unveiled by Adam Howes.

In all fairness, that young man has a valid point. I mean, if you were to point out a non-perfect part of Michael Jordan's game, that would definitely be his three-point shooting. But going as far as to say that it's his weakness, we wouldn't go there.

Just for fun and the sake of the argument, producers from The Last Dance should have reached out to Aaron Watkins to interview him, as we'd just love to watch Jordan's reaction.