According To Basketball-Reference, These Are Your Current NBA Finals Chances

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(Credit: Fadeaway World)

(Credit: Fadeaway World)

Making it to the NBA Finals has to be one of the toughest things you could ask a team, as there are just a lot of factors that could go the other way and hurt their chances, that making predictions isn't easy at all.

Obviously, judging by what we've seen out of the 30 teams thus far this season, we can be sure that there are several franchises that simply don't have a shot at making it to the playoffs, let alone the biggest stage in the league.

Other teams have shown a lot of grit, heart, and grind and have been a pleasant surprise during the regular season, but we know it takes way more to thrive in the playoffs, where experience and adjustments turn the tables in favor of the better players.

Still, every once in a while we find a team that defies the odds and ends up making it all the way to the Finals, as we've seen with the 2011 Dallas Mavericks, 2004 Detroit Pistons, or some may say even the 2019 Toronto Raptors.

So, will this season follow that trend or will we see the same old teams face each other in basketball's ultimate stage? According to Basketball-Reference, these are the odds for some of the best teams in the league of winning the NBA Finals:

13. Oklahoma City Thunder: 0.1%

12. Utah Jazz: 0.2%

11. Orlando Magic: 0.2%

10. Philadelphia 76ers: 1.2%

9. Houston Rockets: 1.5%

8. Miami Heat: 1.5%

7. Denver Nuggets: 1.7%

6. Toronto Raptors: 3.9%

5. Boston Celtics: 7.4%

4. Los Angeles Clippers: 8.3%

3. Los Angeles Lakers: 11.3%

2. Dallas Mavericks: 11.6%

1. Milwaukee Bucks: 51.1%

As per this website, the Bucks have - by far - the highest odds to win the NBA Championship and put an end to their trophy drought, which may be likely with Kawhi Leonard now outside of the Eastern Conference. However, Giannis Antetokounmpo will have quite a tough task to live up to these expectations, especially with the Clippers and Lakers looming around the West.