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Achilles Injury May Force Kevin Durant To Re-Sign With Warriors

(via The Spun)

(via The Spun)

Kevin Durant's latest injury may have cost him and the Warriors a Championship. It also might have cost Durant the chance to move on.

There is no getting around it: players who suffer Achilles injuries almost never come back the same. And even if Durant can overcome those odds, it will be a while before he can even reach that point.

As he enters free agency with these things looming, teams may be understandably hesitant to offer him a 4-year max deal this summer. John Karalis alluded to this point in a recent piece in of MassLive.

“It’s hard to imagine a team giving Durant a lot of money to sit out a year and have questions about how good he’ll be whenever he returns,” Karalis wrote. “Staying with the Warriors might be his only choice.”

Remember, Durant has a one-year player option. He can easily opt-in and elect to take the money while he works on his return for the fall of 2020. If not, the Warriors will surely offer him an extension beyond the one-year option.

But no matter how bad this injury is, it will have an impact on what teams are willing to offer him their money.