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Adam Morrison Tells The Story Of How Kobe Bryant Helped Him When He Was Really Depressed

(via Bleacher Report Media Lab)

(via Bleacher Report Media Lab)

Kobe Bryant was a lot of things: a leader, a basketball player, a role-model, a father, a husband, and even a businessman. But to Adam Morrison, he was a friend who helped him out of a dark place.

Though it has been months now since Kobe's death, people all around the world are keeping his memory alive by sharing their own experiences with the Mamba. Morrison recently shared one of these encounters and explained how Bryant helped him through a rough patch of his life.

Despite Morrison being out of the league, Kobe extended kindness to him by giving him a signed, game-worn jersey by Chelsea player Didier Drogba.

The Mamba is notorious for his killer, no-nonsense type of attitude on the court. He did whatever was necessary to win and demanded the best from his teammates, even if he stepped on some toes along the way.

But for all of that attitude, Kobe was a dude who genuinely cared. He was a light to those around him and wasn't shy about expressing kindness on a daily basis. In this case, it's fair to say he altered the direction of Morrison's life.