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Adam Silver Reveals The One Thing That Could Cancel The 2019-20 NBA Season For Good

(via KSL Sports)

(via KSL Sports)

There was a lot of buzz generated about the return of the 2019-20 NBA season today. With the schedules set and Silver reiterating the league's plan to restart, the community is hyped, to say the least.

But even despite Silver's intentions, there are some threats to the plan.

During a conference call on Friday, the commissioner apparently revealed one particular scenario that could shut things down for good.

There have been plenty of positive tests within the past week alone -- but if the players get contaminated with the virus during the season in the "bubble," they might be forced to shut things down for good. Cases all around the country, and especially in Orlando, have risen to staggering numbers recently and concern grows with each passing day.

So, while the idea of continuing the season is exciting, there is no guarantee that it will actually happen. COVID-19 has no concern for basketball, feelings, or the lives of innocent people.

We should all be holding our breath...