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Adam Silver: "The NBA Has Banned The Term 'Owner' And Replaced It With 'Governor'"

Adam Silver: "The NBA Has Banned The Term 'Owner' And Replaced It With 'Governor'"

Ever since he became the NBA commissioner in 2014 after Davis Stern stepped down, Adam Silver has tried to make sure that the association differentiates from any other major sports leagues in the U.S.; of course, Silver is considered by many as one of the best commissioners the league has had in history thanks to the changes he’s made and how he acts when serious issues take place, but there is a major change that was unnoticed by many until recent days.

NBA commissioner confirmed to TMZ on Sunday that the league officially stopped using the term “owner” in its official communications, opting instead to call them ‘governors’.

"I don't want to overreact to the term, because as I've said earlier, people end up twisting themselves into knots avoiding the use of the word ‘owner’, Silver said. "But we moved away from that term years ago at the league. We call our team owners 'governor' of the team and 'alternate governor.'

"I think it makes sense. As I said, I don’t want to overreact. You'll find the word throughout memos over the past decade in the NBA. But I'm sensitive to it and I think teams are moving away from the term (and) will stick with using 'governor.'"

Albeit the league has taken its stance on that matter, not every team has followed its footsteps. Per TMZ, Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban has publicly supported the use of the term “owner,” saying that it’s not that big a deal; the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets have also backed the teams using the term “owner” in official team media guides, according to USA Today.

Silver said he received mixed feedback from players on this move.

"Players have gone both ways,” the commissioner said. “I think a few players have actually spoken out and said the greatest thing that ever happened was when Michael Jordan was able to call himself an owner."

"But, of course, Draymond Green has been very public about the fact that we should be moving away from the term, and I completely respect that."

Green spoke about the use of the ‘owner’ term on LeBron James’ HBO show “The Shop”, stating that people “shouldn’t say owner," before listing off other synonyms for the title. Anyway, the league has already made the move and as the commissioner said, they will stick to it.