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NBA Rumors: Adrian Wojnarowski Explains The Warriors Plan For D'Angelo Russell



D'Angelo Russell's future with the Warriors has been under continuous doubt since he joined the team this past summer. Already having a loaded backcourt with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, Russell's fit with the team was a question from the start.

Now, with Golden State holding sole possession of the league's worst record, it is believed the Dubs could use the young point guard as a trade chip to bring in someone who'd be a better fit when their core finally returns next season.

While anything is possible when it comes to the trade market, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and Zach Lowe discussed D-Lo's situation with Golden State on Sunday, hinting that the team was not going to shop around suitors for D'Angelo.

""If you are going to move D'Angelo Russell, it is in a big deal. To me, a scenario where he could move is (with) that number one pick. The Warriors could have the No. 1 overall pick -- you got to see where it is. He's not available, (but) that would be like a Bradley Beal level player. You're (the Wizards) getting a potential cornerstone pick and a 23-year-old All-Star. I think there are very few scenarios in the league where that's available to them (the Warriors).

"It doesn't make much sense for Golden State to be out there canvassing the league. Wait until the season's over, see what it looks like. I know this -- they're not going to be making calls on D'Angelo Russell. People may call them.

"I think D'Angelo is playing this season, at the very least, and maybe even beyond in Golden State. He's still a very valuable asset."

So, it seems like D;Angelo will play out this season in Golden State. And it makes sense.

The team can re-assess in the summer, consider their options, and factor in how their lottery pick will come into play. As a young, 23-year-old point guard, Russell is obviously not someone to just be glossing over.

The Warriors will play it slow with him and see how it all plays out in a couple of months.