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Adrian Wojnarowski: "James Harden Has Recently Indicated To Houston He'd Be Open To A Trade To Philadelphia Or Other Contenders"

(via Houston Chronicle)

(via Houston Chronicle)

The new NBA season hasn't quite started yet, but the rumors are already swirling. After a failed small-ball experiment, both Daryl Morey and Russell Westbrook have left Houston, and James Harden might follow soon after. Harden does not want to stay in Houston: after years of coming up short, it is only natural that a superstar of his caliber wants to start a new section of his career.

That new stretch of Harden's career could begin in Philadelphia. Daryl Morey being hired by the 76ers obviously means that every trade will be explored. It is possible that Morey could try to acquire Harden from the Rockets to pair with an All-NBA center in Joel Embiid. That duo could become an amazing one-two punch: both are capable scorers, and the fit of the two together would be promising.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Harden is content with a trade to the Philadelphia 76ers or any other contender. Keeping in mind James Harden's ambitions of winning a championship, a trade to the 76ers is one of the best options available.

The tweet states that Daryl Morey has been adamant about keeping Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. While any GM would want to keep two stars together, the potential fit of Joel Embiid with James Harden has to be tempting. Whether or not James Harden actually gets traded or not, it is notable that the 76ers are on his target list. Ben Simmons isn't a perfect fit with Joel Embiid: one would imagine that someone who could space the floor like Harden could fit better.

Regardless of whether or not a trade happens, we know that Harden is interested in leaving the Rockets. The Philadelphia 76ers are ready to build to win a championship, while the Rockets may be dealing with a disgruntled superstar: both teams could help each other out.