Adrian Wojnarowski: “Jimmy Butler’s Future May Be Outside Of Philadelphia”

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Adrian Wojnarowski: “Jimmy Butler’s Future May Be Outside Of Philadelphia”

As the hours go by and the NBA free agency gets closer, we get to know what will happen with the biggest stars of the league once they’re able to start negotiating new deals with either their current franchises or different ones.

One story that has been drawing more and more attention in recent days is Jimmy Butler and what he’s going to do this free agency.

Albeit most 76ers fans want him to stay in the city of brotherly love, Butler may have different plans for this summer and everything points out he’s living his last moments as part of the Sixers organization.

According to ESPN’s insider Adrian Wojnarowski, even though Butler is expected to meet with Philadelphia at some point during the offseason, at this moment his priorities are meeting with the Miami Heat and Houston Rockets, who sound like the most likely destinations for the small forward ahead of next season.

During an appearance on SportsCenter, Woj spoke about some of the hottest names that will enter the free agency this Sunday, including Butler, who he said, is probably going to play for a different team next campaign.

“He is on his way to Miami tonight, I’m told he’s expected to me with the Miami Heat on Sunday at 6 p.m. once he’s allowed to,” Wojnarowski said.

“Philadelphia has not ruled out working with Butler and with other teams about a sign-and-trade with teams who don’t have the cap space.”

He then added what Butler will do once he meets with Miami.

“A meeting with the Heat on Sunday and then possibly early in the week in California with the Houston Rockets, who’ve been in hot pursuit for him, so Jimmy Butler’s future possibly may be outside of Philadelphia.”

Butler has been heavily linked with the Houston Rockets in recent days and fans at Toyota Center have already pictured how a potential Big 3 of Butler, James Harden, and Chris Paul would look like. Nonetheless, we still have to wait to see what is going to happen since the Rockets aren’t the only ones interested in the forward.