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Adrian Wojnarowski Posts Very Heartfelt Post About Kobe Bryant: 'Kobe Would Be Gaining A Mental Edge On His Competitors. Kobe Was Built For This Bubble.'

Adrian Wojnarowski Post Very Heartfelt Post About Kobe Bryant: 'Kobe Would Be Gaining A Mental Edge On His Competitors. Kobe Was Built For This Bubble.'

It would be crazy to see somebody in the NBA community not paying homage to the late Kobe Bryant. Kobe was one of the most important players in the history of the game and when he died, something changed in the league, his former rivals, teammates and the people that saw him play with the Los Angeles Lakers. A lot of people remembered him today on his 42nd birthday, leaving spectacular messages.

Moreover, NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski took to Instagram to send a heartfelt message about Kobe and how he would be just happy to be in the bubble. Of course, Kobe wouldn't celebrate a global pandemic, but he would've felt very comfortable in an all-basketball environment, contrary to other players who have stated they have a hard time getting entertained in the bubble since everything they can think of is basketball.

Woj knows Kobe would've enjoyed that very much.

"There have been a few moments with players and executives and coaches in The Bubble when a conversation has turned to a variation of the same question: Can you imagine Kobe here? Well, I can. In fact, something makes me think about him almost every day here. He would be running this campus. As he walked among them, Kobe would be gaining a mental edge on his competitors. He would have loved the around-the-clock consuming environment of only basketball. He had been retired for four years and gone for nearly seven months and somehow it all didn’t fully land with me until here. I understand his wife and children and parents have lived with the dreadful reality of that loss every day; and that too of young Gigi.
But something about this environment, though —- all ball, all the time — makes me think I’ll see him come barreling around a corner. I keep waiting for it, and know I’m not alone.

Kobe was built for this Bubble.
Happy Birthday, Mamba."

You know he's not right. If Kobe could do something like this every year with his Lakers, he would have done it without any hesitation. That man was the prime example of competitiveness; he will go down as one of the greatest competitors in the game and this situation would've been an advantage for him. This is pretty much how Kobe wanted to be remembered and Wojnarowski nailed it.