Adrian Wojnarowski Reveals Why Toronto Raptors Didn’t Trade Kyle Lowry

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Adrian Wojnarowski Reveals Why Toronto Raptors Didn’t Trade Kyle Lowry

After a couple of months of speculation about his future in the league, Kyle Lowry is staying put with the Toronto Raptors and will finish his contract with the Canadian team. Just when everybody thought he was set to leave the franchise, they didn’t pull the trigger on this move and kept the player.

The Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers, and Miami Heat were ready to land the veteran point guard but nobody was able to strike a deal for him, which left the door open for the Raptors to keep their star player.

It was a shock that he didn’t get traded before the deadline and ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski tried to shed light on this situation, revealing that the Raptors never got an appealing offer that they considered good enough to deal their captain. During a recent edition of KJZ, Woj said:

“Masai was going to see what the market was going to bring back for him. He never felt he had to trade him or he had to give him away. And I think also, Kyle Lowry was fine with finishing up this season in Toronto. He has loved playing there and certainly, it’s not the same this year playing in Tampa. But they got right down to it, 2:55 they were still going back and forth with the Laker, Philly, Miami. Ultimately, he just didn’t see a deal there that he wanted to do.”

“There’s going to be limits. Miami’s not trading away a 21-year-old Tyler Herro for Kyle Lowry at this stage of his career. It doesn’t make any sense.”

When everything pointed out Lowry’s time with the Raptors was ended, they surprised everybody around the league and kept the player. Now Kyle will play out his contract and try to find a new deal in free agency.

This is probably the best end for this story knowing the history between the player and the team and all the things they lived over the past couple of seasons.